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what people are saying
“Excellent service! I have Fibromyalgia which results in pain and stiffness in muscles and tendons. After seeing Rachel for a short time she trained in Myofascial Release which is a technique known to help Fibromyalgia. Over the past 11 years she has enabled me to remain active. I would definitely recommend her” Diane, Hook

“I came to see Rachel 15 months ago with a long-standing back issue and fibromyalgia thrown in for good measure. Not only have I benefited massively from an incredible massage each month (and enjoyed the chats too ...) I've not had to visit the osteopath since!“ Debbie, Fleet

“As a keen martial artist its important for me to keep good mobility and supple. Lots of training with tension and impact tends to reduce this, so I’m always looking for ways to restore this. I find the myofascial release and remedial massage from Rachel at Fleet Advanced Massage & Bodywork puts things right, in the way that stretching or foam rollering simply can’t do” David, Fleet

“I originally went to see Rachel as I was experiencing severe headaches and shoulder pain as a result of too many hours spent at a desk and on a lap top! Within a couple of sessions, the headaches had gone and with recommendations on how to improve my posture and some stretching advice I no longer suffer. I now incorporate a monthly massage into my schedule which keeps me pain free and more flexible, I wouldn’t do without it!“ Alison, Yateley

"In life, the right people come into your life at the right time and meeting Rachel is proof of this for me. Through a chance meeting, a throwaway line, I heard about Rachel. Over the last four or five weeks I have experienced a complete transformation in how I feel and almost total relief from constant shoulder, neck and back pain which I have had for the last two years. I cannot thank Rachel enough and I cannot recommend her treatments highly enough. I will continue to have my treatments and regular 'top ups'. This has become a must have/must do for me and the best gift I could give to myself. If there were ten stars available I would give them!." Ruthie, Church Crookham

"I have been seeing Rachel for about three years now and her treatment is second to none. I have seen many massage therapists over the years following a minor car accident which left me with whiplash and on-going neck and shoulder issues, so I do have considerable experience of different therapists and know the good from the bad. I also do a lot of DIY, knitting and sewing, all of which contribute to my neck and shoulder pain. Rachel is excellent; very professional, kind and knowledgeable and provides a fantastic massage to help me to continue to enjoy my hobbies!" Sam, Fleet

"I initially came to see Rachel eight years ago as a result of a lower back operation in which my discs were fused together. This has left me with a weakness which results in a gradual build up of tight muscles, restricts my movement and eventually gives me pain. I have found that regular massage helps to keep me mobile and manages my pain, allowing me to get on with everyday life. I can’t thank Rachel enough for the care she has shown, she truly has ‘magic hands!" Laura, Church Crookham

"Our entire family has used Fleet Advanced Massage for many years and for many reasons. Personally, I have had two frozen shoulders which Rachel has managed to treat and 'unfreeze' using a combination of deep tissue massage and myofascial release, in spite of recommendations from physiotherapists and consultants for 'manipulation' or surgery which would have resulted in several weeks of recovery. Using a series of treatments spaced close together, we were able to maintain the benefit of the released tissue over a period of time, which meant I could carry on driving and working as usual. Rachel worked with me to ensure that the timing, treatments and a flexible approach as to how we went about it as it progressed produced the best possible result. We all benefit from the deep relaxation of Rachel's holistic approach and from the relief it gives to the stresses of running three family businesses." Gail, Finchampstead

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